China handled about 5 million legal aid cases over the past five years


China has dealt with 4.99 million legal aid cases over the past five years, up 14.3 percent year-on-year, according to the national legal aid work conference held Sept 17. More than 29 million people received legal consultations, up 8.7 percent.

The Ministry of Justice has enacted the Opinions on Strengthening and Improving Legal Aid Work and the Opinions on Further Promoting Legal Aid Work in recent years. It has fully deployed and pushed for legal aid work for those in need. Legal aid now covers employment, education, health, and social security, and is more accessible. To date, 24 provinces have expanded legal aid coverage and 19 provinces have loosened financial requirement for legal aid.

The Ministry has identified ten convenience measures through which legal aid can benefit the public and help build a harmonious society. Efforts have been made to create a service circle where legal aid stations can be arrived  in less than an hour, offer one-stop service for the public, simplify the applicaton and examination process and further improve service for those in need. Legal aid to rural migrant workers in cities, the disabled, the elderly and women and children will be increased. Volunteer-based legal aid to western China will be arranged to satisfy various legal needs of those in difficulties.